Genius programmer from Tokyo

2 days ago, I had a guest from Tokyo *1 and we enjoyed a good time. Walking around HK and through his conversation, I observe that I've changed myself. This short entry is just for my memorandum.

Geek vs Suit

In a word, I found myself becoming a suit. What makes me to realize this is the fact that when he insisted "finance industry is boring, they need to do more creative job" and "how is it interesting just to transfer money from left to right?", I was seriously against him.

My losing interest in computer science from technical viewpoints seems to be the reason. In fact, for example, recently I found it very comfortable to use Mac since I don't have to care about technical details, though several years ago I enjoyed to use Linux as my everyday desktop environment for the reason that I can customize every detail.

Hot country

In my soundings, almost all time, next countries are BRICs. However, according to him, countries where they use Arabic are hot. He may be right. This makes me shocked as I believe that BRICs' future without deeply thinking about it. I almost forget the importance to doubt the common sense.

Future career

We agreed that we had already enjoyed paradise period when we were child. As the environment has been surprisingly changing, if we fail to catch up with this, our future is dark. International experiences surely strengthen this feeling than before coming to the MBA.

*1:He is my ex-colleague and now works for one of the best companies in IT industry whose name begins with 'G'