Four reasons you should visit HK

It has been almost half a month since I came to Hong Kong. I'm really satisfied our lives here. Thanks to my wife, who is native mandarin speaker, we had no difficulties communicating people in Hong Kong. Today, I'd like to introduce some aspects for you. After reading these, you will need to consider to come to HK.

Great foods (and alcohol)

Needless to say, foods are awesome. Even in a cafeteria in my school, you can enjoy various foods from China, of course, to Asian to Western in low prices. Peking duck, 小籠包, and 角煮 are waiting for you. Don't mind if you miss Japanese foods, since you can also easily find them, including Ramen (Yes, we have 一風堂 and 山頭火, here!), Gyudon, and Izakaya. Please note that alcohol is very cheap because HK government doesn't put tax on it. A lot of good bars serve special drink for you.

Just HK$22 = 220 yen!!

Wonderful Amusements

There are a lot of amusements. Disney land, Ocean park, according to my wife, however, Hakkeijima is much better than it, Victoria harbor, peak tram and so on. You will also enjoy yourself at 女人街, Star Ferry, and Lamma Island. Viewing from Victoria harbor is spectacular!


Lamma island

Close to other exciting places

It takes about 60 miniatures from HK to Macau, where you can enjoy a lot of world heritages along with casinos, by cruiser. Thailand, Taiwan, and Philippines are also close to HK. Cathay Pacific will take you these areas in a few hours. If you like to explore more China, Shenzhen is right next to HK.

Weak US currency

For some reasons, now, US dollar is very weak. Since HKD is tightly coupled with USD, other currencies become strong against HKD. Which means it is becoming easier to go outside your country unless you are American. Why don't you visit HK?